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Dr. Dian Warep

Dr. Apostle Dian is the president & founder of Reformation Ministries & Churches Network (RMCN PNG INC.)

He was ordained as an apostle by Bishop Dr. Bill Hamon of Christian International, Florida USA. He was also given a honory doctorate degree by Kingdom Covenant Ministries Canada.

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Backgroun Story

In June 1996 Pastor Dian Warep left his teaching career in respond to the call of God and in respond to a need in his village community which is prevalent in most communities around the nation. The greatest need he saw was that someone of his caliber had to go back to the community and live with the people and then educate them to break free from the curses such as poverty, illiteracy, inequality, sickness etc. that was tormenting them. He saw that lack of proper knowledge and understanding as well as lack of proper attitude towards changes was the major contributing factor to a deteriorating state of affairs in those communities. He lived with the people and began to lead the people out of the bad conditions by showing them the ways of God and initiating self-help projects rather than looking to others with a free handout mentality. He did not only teach them the right way of living but practically demonstrated the Christian principles through his own life.


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