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We are Reformation Ministries & Churches Network PNG Inc (RMCN PNG INC)

We are Prophetic and Apostolic Team that stands to over through the work of Satan and establish God's Kingdom on Earth (PNG) as it is in Heaven.


We are committed to seeing Papua New Guinea as the first Kingdom Prototype and Richest Black Nation in the whole world. We speak our Vision as Pledge on a daily basis:

"We stand together as sons and daughters of God in RMCN Papua New Guinea, Committing Ourselves to Build a Godly Model Nation that will be Free from All Forms of Corruption.

We Pledge To Build A Nation Where The Glory Of God Will Fill All Sectors Of The Family, Religion, Education, Government, Business, Media, Arts & Entertainment. It Is Our Dream That One Day, The Righteous Sons And Daughters Of God Will Take Over All Sector Of Papua New Guinea.

We Pledge Ourselves To Be A United, New Breed Without Greed. A Radical Team That Is Opposed To Corruption And Unconditionally Committed To Reformation In All Sectors Of Papua New Guinea.

We Have Been Bought By The Precious Blood Of Jesus Christ. Therefore, We And Our Nation Are Not For Sale.

We Will Fight Our Enemies With The Spiritual Weapons Of Warfare God Has Given Us Until We Win, For The Glory Of God Our Father, Savior Jesus Christ, And The Wonderful Holy Spirit Who Rules And Reign Forever, God Bless Papua New Guinea.

Amen & Amen!"

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